Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Acne And Prevent Breakouts With Niacinamide

Have you watched those videos featuring different celebrities on “What’s in my bag”? The contents have entirely shifted from a range of perfumes to a whole wide collection of skincare products. And it’s not surprising anymore that Niacinamide stands out as a common and most popular ingredient among celebrities as well. I mean, technically they might have even known about it way before us but the awareness and knowledge regarding every product you own is commendable. Having said that, even Alia Bhat knows what’s in her skincare products’ ingredient list and what it does. (Yeah, that video with her sister Shaheen). XD

So, getting back to this superhero of ingredients “Niacinamide” is like that friend who helps no matter what and has solutions to almost every problem you suffer. Most of all, Acne! Yes, you read that right!

I know you have gone through various treatments, and tried out a hundred products but would you trust me with this one? One last time?

Stick around to decide how to use Niacinamide for acne!

4 Ways To Get Rid Of Acne & Breakouts With Niacinamide:

Acne! I can’t believe I am writing about something that has been an inseparable part of my teen years. Yes, ruined my pictures, stole my confidence, and kept coming back like an unwelcome guest. It’s like, they knew about my plans way before I could even process them in my brain. I was ignorant but there’s no reason you should be! 

Given the level of awareness and hype around skincare and some products that help get rid of this problem, you must be living under a rock if you haven’t adopted this practice. Let me get it all sorted for you. Here’s how Niacinamide or Vitamin B3 for acne is going to change your skin goals game!

  1. Vitamin B3-5% Niacinamide Face Wash: Made with active ingredients like Niacinamide and supporting agents like Aloe vera leaf extract, this face wash helps you get rid of excess oil by regulating the sebum production and minimizes pores leading to an acne-free and smooth textured skin.

  2. Niacinamide Vitamin B3 5% Serum: This bottle contains a blend of 7 active ingredients with Niacinamide comparatively in higher concentration crafted for sensitive skin types to give their skin a formula that it will love! So, there’s no question about it working magic on the skin to prevent breakouts.

  3. Niacinamide Vitamin B3 10% Serum: If you are looking for a Niacinamide product to incorporate into your routine right away, it is this. It supports the formation of lipids that help in maintaining the skin’s natural barrier. It also helps fight signs of ageing and reduces the appearance of pore size. It inhibits the build-up of impurities in the pores resulting in acne-free skin.

  4. Niacinamide Vitamin B3 20% Serum: With an intense concentration of 20% Niacinamide, 2% Hyaluronic acid 4% multi-peptide complex, this serum has taken an oath to transform your skin from dull or inflamed or uneven textured or dark spotted to a skin that is free from dark spots or pigmentation and looks younger than ever!

Here’s how to Niacinamide for acne:

  1. Wash your face with Niacinamide face wash and lather it gently to remove the impurities from the face as well as the excessive oil from the pores.
  2. Now apply a Niacinamide serum to your face focusing on the acne-prone area. It will reduce the inflammation and regulate the sebum production.
  3. Follow up with a lightweight moisturizer to hydrate and replenish the skin.
  4. Layer it up with a non-comedogenic sunscreen if doing the skincare ritual in the morning.


Niacinamide is a versatile skincare ingredient that sits well with every skin type. It is a must-have product in your skincare kit. Having to manage acne is hands down challenging but with the correct usage of this holy grail ingredient you can completely prevent them and have an evened-out texture. Vitamin B3 acne treatment has taken the internet by storm and people are swearing by it! Curate your shield against these stubborn and unwelcome zits at CosIQ.


Q. How To Use Niacinamide To Reduce Acne?

A: Here’s how you can use Niacinamide for acne scars:

  1. Wash your face with the Niacinamide face wash.
  2. Take 1-2 pumps of Niacinamide serum on your palm and apply to the face.
  3. Spread evenly on the face and massage gently in circular motions.
  4. Follow up with moisturizer and then sunscreen (in case of an AM routine).
  5. Be consistent and use it twice a day for better results.

Q. How Quickly Does Niacinamide Work For Acne?

A: It varies from skin to skin and on the severity of the acne. It is one such product that brings long-term changes gradually. So, you will have to be persistent and patient.

Q. What Percentage Of Niacinamide Is Good For Acne?

A: The Niacinamide concentration between 2% to 5% is ideal and does the job pretty well.  

Q. How Often Should I Use Niacinamide For Acne?

A: There’s no harm in using Niacinamide regularly and twice a day. Being regular and consistent is going to fetch you results.



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