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Fade To Radiance - A Guide To Hyperpigmentation Skincare Products

With climate change at its peak, the sun and it’s UV rays are having a glorious time roasting our skin even during the chilly winter months when we think the sunlight isn’t at it’s full fury. This is causing the most common problems, starting from simple sunburns to skin cancer. Among all these technicalities, hyperpigmentation i.e., skin darkening in patches, is on the rise and so are the manufacturing of hyperpigmentation products. But can we really rely on them? How do you even use them to get the most of out of that hyperpigmentation cream for face?

CosIQ has always been responsible for delivering transparent solutions to your skincare problems with scientific precision, it’s the same with pigmentation removal products too. So, before you go ahead and place your order for skincare products for hyperpigmentation, make sure you take a look at this user guide.

Reasons To Use Hyperpigmentation Products

Instead of asking you to order the products for hyperpigmentation on face, we’ll first educate you about the reasons why you should order hyperpigmentation products.

Discover CosIQ's Hyperpigmentation Products

Steps to use: Check

Reasons to use hyperpigmentation products: Check!

Now, all you need is the right range of best products for hyperpigmentation on face. Meet CosIQ’s pigmentation removal products for pure, potent and proven benefits that are a result of accurately formulated compositions with the most mathematically curated ingredients. Check them out!

How To Use Products For Hyperpigmentation On Face

Hyperpigmentation creams for face and other products for the same have to be used in a certain order, following a particular order. Make sure your list of skincare products for hyperpigmentation has the following and use them in the given order too.

Step 1: Gentle face cleanser

Step 2: Gentle face exfoliator (2-3 weeks)

Step 3: Vitamin C face serum (in the morning)

Step 4: Brighten face serums with ingredients like niacinamide, liquorice extract or alpha arbutin.

Step 5: Retinoids like retinol

Step 6: Sunscreen (morning routine)

Step 7: Chemical peels (occasionally or as per suggestion)

Step 8: Hydrating moisturiser

Before you go through the trouble of searching for the best skincare products for pigmentation online, we’ve got a complete range of hyperpigmentation products at CosIQ.

Do’s & Don't Of Hyperpigmentation Products

You’re all set to fix your skin’s hyperpigmentation and dark spots for a radiant, baby-like glow and soft skin. But wait, before that, make sure you have this checklist saved before finally ordering your lot of products for hyperpigmentation on the face.

Why Choose CosIQ

This shark-tank-approved brand has taken the internet by storm ever since people got to know about their intelligent skincare products that actually work. Given that the founder of a similar niche invested in making this brand grow itself describes the authenticity and genuineness of the skincare range it offers. CosIQ has addressed almost every skincare concern by curating an intelligent and scientifically backed product to cure it.


Q. What serum is best for hyperpigmentation?

A: To find the best serum for hyperpigmentation, check out CosIQ’s range of hyperpigmentation products. Pick the product as per your skin type, the kind of ingredients you wish to use and the problem you wish to solve specifically.

Q. Is retinol or vitamin C better for hyperpigmentation?

A: Vitamin C is a better pick for hyperpigmentation over retinol because it reverses sun damage, and dark spots and heals the skin from within.

Q. Is vitamin C serum best for hyperpigmentation?

A: Yes, vitamin C paired with the right kind of moisturiser and sunscreen provides the beat healing and damage against hyperpigmentation.

Q. Which product is best for hyperpigmentation?

A: The best product for hyperpigmentation is CosIQ’s Vitamin C-23% Serum with advanced molecular technology and only two scientifically proven ingredients that reverse, repair and keep away sun damage and reduce dark spots.