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What is a face cleanser?

A face cleanser is a product that is used to cleanse your face and remove any types of impurities, dirt, makeup and dead skin cells. It is also used to remove excess oil and stubborn makeup products that don’t come off easily.

Benefits of using face wash:

They are countless but here are some for you:

How to use face cleanser properly?

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4 Things to consider before buying face wash online:

With so many face cleansers online, comes an additional responsibility of clearly selecting the best one out there with the right ingredients and a few other parameters which are listed below:

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Q1. Is cleanser for day or night?

A: Using a cleanser both in the morning and night would transform your skin completely. It is advised to use an exfoliating face cleanser in the morning like FC-3 Exfoliating Face Cleanser that would get rid of any bacteria and excess oil. For a night care routine, you can opt for a glycolic acid-based cleanser to get rid of dead skin cells and wake up to a refreshed smoother skin.

Q2. Should I wash my face after cleansing?

A: Yes, that is always a good idea. Face cleanser should always be the first step followed by other products. It is also referred to as double cleansing. If your face has suffered excessive pollution and dirt or if you want to wash off your makeup, cleanse first and then use a face wash. You can go through the range of CosIQ’s products and buy face wash online.

Q3. What is a face cleanser used for?

A: A face cleanser is used to wash your face from within removing all the impurities, makeup or dirt. It cleanses your skin deeply, clears out your pores and prevents acne.

Q4. Is face wash good for oily skin?

A:Yes, it can do wonders on your skin. All you need to do is buy the face wash based on your skin type, use it regularly and properly and you should see the changes in no time.